At Auto Care European we can do just about anything bumper to bumper. We are trustworthy, friendly and most of all knowledgeable on all aspects of auto repair.   Plus, our rates are highly competitive and will save you hundreds over the high-priced dealer and reputable repair shops.


              Here are a few common services we offer-

Mechanic Auto Repair In Addison, BMW, Mercedes Benz, Audi, Volkswagen, Porsche, Lexus, Acura



With our highly advanced computer software we are able to see what your car needs for each scheduled service, what to inspect, and any common problems it may be facing. We always re-set the maintenance/service light and never make you replace items that do not require replacing.  Plus, a complimentary car wash and detail to make sure the car is clean.



It is a very common problem for a car to have some sort of leak and if they go untreated that can and will cause major problems.  We thoroughly clean and test every car with leaks until we are 100 percent sure that we have found the cause of your leak. This includes adding die to the system and inspecting with a blue light device.  Then after fixing we always test again to make sure the car is just like new again.



Another common problem we run into in the auto repair industry is check engine lights.  When your computer notices something is wrong it sets the check engine light.  We scan your car for free and try to give you our best guess as to what the issue may be without actually looking under the hood.  All this done for free and if you leave the car with us we would be more than happy to narrow down the cause of this pesky problem




Many customers have weird noises, fluid issues or just something that they do not know, and we are here to help.  We will happily assist any customer with our utmost attention and know how to help them solve the issue they may be facing.  We never do unnecessary or undesired work, so I assure you, you are always in good hands.  


One of the most frequent common problems associated with missed car maintenance schedules are misfires. This can be caused by a multitude of things including low or old oil, spark plugs, bad gas, mass airflow meter, camshaft or crankshaft sensors.  Any one of these can cause misfires and we love to diagnose and fix each and every one of them.

Unknown Mechanical Issues